What is Reindeer moss?

All our products are made of “Cladonia Stellaris”, which is the most commercially used lichen species. It is more commonly known as Reindeer moss. More specifically, it is not a moss, but a lichen and, in fact, a subspecies of Reindeer lichens. Lichen is a symbiosis of fungus and algae. It absorbs moisture from the humid air and takes its nutrients directly from the air.

Where does Reindeer moss grow?

Reindeer moss forms large mats over the ground in boreal and arctic regions around the circumpolar north. It grows on the surface of bare soil or gravel in harsh environments of coniferous forests. Reindeer moss cannot be cultivated in any form.


Are the plants in the pictures and walls real?

Yes. Greenmood uses real plants that are naturally preserved in a special process using glycerin and food coloring. This permanently preserves the plants and does not require any maintenance.


Are the plants artificial?

No. Even though our products goes through a transformation process that stabilizes the natural plant, it does not use any components typically found in artificial plants, such as plastic or synthetic fabrics. This makes the plants/moss 100% natural.


How are the plants preserved?

In our preservation process, the water in the plant is replaced by glycerin and the chlorophyll is replaced by food coloring.


How often should I water the plants?

We highly advise against watering our plants/moss, as they are preserved. This makes them virtually maintenance-free.


Where can the products be used?

In all indoor environments where air humidity does not exceed 70%. Our plant pictures and walls can be used in interior spaces - such as in the living, sleeping, or dining room, in offices and conference rooms, in public buildings or at trade shows. The preserved plants are not suited for use in outdoor areas.


What happens when they are exposed to direct sunlight or heating?

In direct sunlight, the mosses can fade after 2 to 3 years. It should therefore be avoided whenever possible. In addition, you should not hang the products near or over heat sources, as the glycerin does not tolerate it well.


Are the plants toxic?

Our products contain no toxic elements, making them completely safe to touch and be around.


Do the plants change the acoustics in a space?

Our products are specifically designed to absorb sound, the natural way. They are all made using preserved mosses, with acoustic benefits at the forefront of their creation. A certified laboratory provides us with detailed reports showing the undeniable sound-reducing qualities of the preserved natural moss. Once placed in an interior space, our products help smooth ambient noise and reduce overall sound in an interior to comfortable decibel levels. 


Are your products fireproof?

According to the B - S2 - d0 in European standards and FSI 0 / SDI 15 in North American standards, the materials used for our products have extremely limited contribution to fire. However, this DOES NOT mean that the products are fireproof and should avoid fire (as well as water) at all costs to avoid any unnecessary damage.


What is the lifespan of the products?

As a result of the preservation process, the lifespan of our products can amount to up to 10 years if the right conditions are met whilst taking care of them.


Are there any specific conditions to taking care of the products?

No, apart from making sure all products remain indoors, in 20% to 80% air humidity, and away from fire, water, and direct sunlight. It also best to avoid touching, folding, crushing, etc.

Do the plants have an odor?

They have the typical natural plant odor, which dissipates over time. Our fragrance spray also help make it evaporate more quickly.


Do the plants look exactly as they do in the photos?

Not entirely. Our products are all made of real plants, naturally varying in color and form. This makes each of our creations unique.


Why does the reindeer moss get dry and what can I do?

The moss may get dry when humidity is low because of indoor heating and less airing during the winter, for instance. Please do not spray the moss with any liquid directly, as this may dissolve the salt and the food coloring. Try instead to increase humidity, by airing more often, or with a humidifier. However, the moss will not be affected permanently if there is no mechanic or consistent exposure. As soon as humidity increases, the moss will soften again.


Does the color of the moss come off or fade?

Since Reindeer moss absorbs and releases moisture into the air, the adhesion of colorants is never absolute. In some cases, this may temporarily cause light color stains on fingers when touched. The color is not harmful and washes away with water and soap. When moss products are used as instructed, the color does not fade. Over a long period of time, some changes are possible. Even though our colorants have maximum light resistance, exposure to direct sunlight can still cause color fading. Please note that changes in the air humidity may momentarily alter the color shade slightly. The more humid the air, the darker the color. The drier the air, the lighter the color.